Product Line:

ana felt


Ana Felt is a line of home items created out of sheep wool and repurposed ceramic tiles. 




The beautified cushion of this repurposed counter stool creates a welcoming seat, making the piece a cheerful addition to a kitchen or dining room.



This winsome rug features the signature Ana Felt motif. With a thick and stiff construction, it's perfectly used as a floor mat, bed cover or kid's playground.



As beautiful as they are practical, these trivets bring extra charm to the Ana Felt collection. They function as a hot plate, a centerpiece or wall hanging.


How it's made



The lights on the right by Catherine Borgstrom.

The lights on the right by Catherine Borgstrom.

About the Exhibition

Ana Felt started as a prototype project for Local Fiber Incubator class. The goal of this prototype was to explore different applications for local sheep wool, as well as show the final product's commercial value. In this installation I presented all four pieces along with marketing collateral, such as informational poster and cards. I also talked to the exhibition guests about the process, aesthetics and environmental contribution of this collection.