Metromile Part 1


Metromile is a San Francisco-based car insurance startup that offers pay-per-mile insurance to people who don’t drive a lot. The previous branding, being hip and fun, appealed primarily to millennials. To attract older demographics my team and I evolved it into a more sophisticated, detail-oriented and trustworthy brand.


Brand Book

Defining Who We Are

In close collaboration with the Creative Director we designed this Brand Book that defines the company’s mission, customers, tone of voice, etc. Copy by Colin McRae. Layout, illustration, graphics by me.


refined identity


Why Redraft The Logo?

My rebranding effort started with redesigning the logo. There were a few issues with the old one: varying thickness of the stroke, broken curves, inconsistent treatment of the hook in “M” and the tail in “e”, etc. It didn’t represent Metromile as a mature and trustworthy brand that it was. I fully redrafted the logo with mathematical precision, ensuring that the monoline stroke stays consistent, spacing even, and curves beautiful.


Why Change Display Font?

Akkurat, an unpretentious Neo-grotesque sans-serif, used to be Metromile’s only font, used for both display and text purposed. Although legible, it really lacked any personality, which is why I introduced a new display font - Filson. Filson’s geometric nature and playful character, expressed in curvy ascenders and descenders, mimics the logo and brings character to the brand.

Asset 11.png

Color Scheme


Previously, Metromile used just one color - MM Blue, accompanied by the grays. Blue, being a cool color, is passive by nature and is hard to make stand out. Therefore I introduced two warm colors: MM Blood Orange and Raspberry. The reds add fire to the mix, creating visual interest that is much needed in marketing.





Finding the Voice Through Stylescapes

The major part of the rebranding process was replacing the old look and feel (cartoonish and hip) with a more mature, sophisticated one. That was my on-going project, for which I organized a Brand Discovery session (see PDF) , gathered plenty of inspiration and explored possible directions in the below stylescapes.