Metromile Part 2


Metromile is a San Francisco-based car insurance startup that offers pay-per-mile insurance to people who don’t drive a lot. The following projects are some of many that I worked on while being the only Graphic Designer on Metromile’s Creative Team.


Landing Page


Hand-Drawn Hero Images

In order to make a better first impression on potential customers, I hand-drew 3 different illustrations (see above) with a goal to outperform the existing hero image (see “Before”). The hand-drawing technique adds a feel of human hand that makes the brand seem warm and approachable. Each illustration shares a driver’s point of view - whether it’s driving on the road or looking through a side mirror. The Cityscape image outperformed the previous image and is now featured on the landing page.






Out-of-home ads


Penny Campaign

Metromile’s new advertisement campaign featured an animated penny, in which Abraham Lincoln claims that pennies are worth miles (see TV spot). To ensure compound effect of the campaign, we featured a giant penny on nearly all marketing collateral. For instance, these bus ads I designed saturated streets of San Francisco and Chicago for months.

Click on images below to enlarge.

 San Francisco

San Francisco

banner ads


Volume is King

Banner ads bring considerable traffic, so we partnered with Marketing team to create as many variations as possible. Some banner ads supported HTML5 animation, which opened opportunities to play with the layout. See my exploration sketches in the link below.


facebook ads


Art Direction

“Pay-no-pay” is one of the most simplest concepts that conveys what Metromile is all about: you pay when you’re driving; you don’t when you’re not. During ideation process I came up with an idea of a slider that goes from “paying” to “not paying”, as shown in the sketch. I then brought in Tyson Stryg, freelance motion designer, who brought more than 6 animations to life with my close guidance.


email Layouts


Direct Mail



Surprising as it may be, direct mail is one of the most cost-effective practices at Metromile. Opening rate of a letter depends largely on the visuals and messaging on the envelope. I came up with many variations for envelope designs, click “see process” to explore.