Punk Rock Holiday


Punk Rock Holiday is a week-long festival that takes place in the wilderness of Slovenia. Its new identity reflects the vibrancy of the punk rock community, as well as the uniqueness of the camping location.


Logos & Identity


Primary Logo: Turtle Face

This eye-catching logo merges two concepts into one face-like image. The "oh-so-cliché" open mouth conveys the high energy of the punk rock festival. The inflatable turtle refers to the exciting water activities at the Paradise Beach. Together they compose a memorable face - Turtle Face.   


Secondary Logo: Horny Marshmallow

Similarly to Turtle Face, Horny Marshmallow combines the expected "sign of the horns" gesture with the unexpected burning marshmallow. Hard to imagine these two concepts be merged in any other context, but Punk Rock Holiday



Going against the expected black & red combo, this color set features pure yellow, green and blue colors, thus representing the sun, grass and river. 


Orgovan, designed by Tomás Brousil in 2004, is based on calligraphic script models lettered with a flat brush, which have been a pillar in the sign makers' handbooks since the beginning of the 1960s. Its expressionistic nature is a perfect fit for the Punk Rock Holiday identity.



The trippy nature of the pattern represents the intensity of sound, as well as hallucinatory effects produced by taking psychedelic drugs. It is composed of different color bands placed on a white or black background. 





These attention-grabbing posters stand out due to their simplicity, hallucinatory patterns and conceptual imagery.

Usually Punk Rock Holiday posters are wall-hung in the streets of major European cities. However, the more popular the festival becomes the more attention it gets from sponsors. In this case Monster Energy sponsored the placement of advertisement.    




Something to Keep

The badges for staff, press, and photo members are designed to be seen from far away. 

Punk Rock Holiday t-shirts are available for sale, while buttons are given out. Both items contribute to a long-lasting memory of the festival and participants' loyalty.