This set of humanist icons resolves an acute problem of wayfinding on Kaiser Permamente medical campuses and KP website. It reduces  late show-ups and significantly improves patient experience. 


Humanist Design


A Touch of the Human Hand

When it comes to icon design for medical services, monoline and minimalism are the industry standards. This set of icons is different. It has a humanist quality to it, expressed in the varying line thickness and organic shapes. As a result, there is a calming touch of the human hand, which is especially relevant for a medical service provider.  


various Applications


Why Have Icons?

Up until recently Kaiser Permanente didn't have icons for their medical departments. Some department names like "Ophthalmology" or "Nephrology" are so foreign-sounding that it's hard to remember and pronounce them. Lack of visual help created a big issue of people (especially elderly and non-English speakers) who forget their department name and can't recall what to ask for. A set of conceptual icons proved to be an ultimate solution for both online and on-site wayfinding.