Global Ice Cream is an ice cream shop that serves sustainably produced ice cream, while spreading awareness about global warming.  


Ice Cream Shop


Exterior and Interior

Global Ice Cream is a cozy, relaxing and modern place to enjoy a scoop of organic ice cream. The contemporary design speaks to the target audience (working professionals,  20-50 y/o), while the shop's mission seamlessly converts customers into proponents of sustainability.      




Ice and Fire

The unique mesh-up of ice and fire plays into every aspect of the identity system. The logo is composed of two conceptual elements: fire flames, which compose the cone, and a melting ball of ice cream. The catchy tag line "keep it cool" can be interpreted as "stay calm" or "don't let it melt". The "Global" wordmark itself warps slightly as if the letterforms are melting.

The color scheme consists of cold shades of blue (ice), warm shades of orange (fire), and a neutral beige (cream).  


Illustrated menu


Designed to Educate

The menu is one of the main touchpoints of the Global Ice Cream experience. Not only does it list the flavors, but also educates the customer of how global warming is affecting the planet.  

Flavor Names

All the flavors are named in relation to global warming issues. For example, "Sunchill" (blood orange) flavor is debunking the myth that the sun is the cause of global warming. The flavor names and accompanying descriptions are rewritten every 3 months to reflect the latest findings.


The illustrations are commissioned to different artists every 3 months, thus emphasizing community involvement. It also adds an element of surprise for Global customers.


Cones and Cups


Paper Cones

Mimicking the logo, paper cones at Global Ice Cream have a fire print on them. The design grabs attention and provokes questions.

cone papers.jpg

Coffee Cups

Global uses coffee cups as a powerful marketing tool, because this item is most commonly taken to-go. The playful illustration makes it significantly more valuable than standard coffee cups, thus turning it into a collectible. 


The Idea

The Problem of Global Warming

How do you feel about global warming? If you are like me, the problem may feel quite depressing. It is unarguable that humans are the main contributor of harmful amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. In attempt to bring awareness to global warming, people sometimes use blaming and reproaching, which aren't effective. Can we bring awareness in a more positive way?

The Solution

The idea of educating about global warming through ice cream may sound strange, but think about it this way: we don't want our ice cream to melt, because then it will be all over our clothes. Similarly, we shouldn't allow our planet to "melt" because then the water will flood our cities. We have a better chance of mitigating global warming by supporting sustainability, driving less and staying optimistic. These are the core values of Global Ice Cream.