Logo Design:

Maria Guryeva


Maria Guryeva is an English tutor and consultant in U.S. higher education. Most of her students are Russians who want to study in the U.S. This logo and personal identity reflect Maria's efforts to prepare students for studying abroad.   


Logo & Identity

The Style Guide

The new logo demanded her website to be redesigned. I collaborated with Maria to update her website according to a new style guide. I chose 3 shades of blue for the overall theme, and 2 shades of red for the spot elements.   


The Logo

The final design of the Bee is simple and minimal. The bee is rotated 45 degrees to convey growth and movement. The logo reads well in both small and large formats, as well as in color and black & white.


Identity Applications


Website: Animated Logo

Maria's website and social media are the main uses of the logo. The animated logo tells a story of what Maria does: she "incubates" a student (the bee) by providing all the necessary knowledge, and then sends them away to a dream college in the US. 

The animation goes off only once when the landing page is loaded.  


1. Brainstorming

After gaining insight from researching Maria's business, I sketched out 170+ logo thumbnails, resulting in 6 distinct directions. The logo ideas I explored included a classical monogram, a study book, and a bee. 


2. Exploring Three Directions

Maria chose 3 of those ideas: the study book, the USA geographical shape, and the bee. I digitized those logos and played with lockups, colors, and typography. 

refined sketches_all three.jpg

3. The "Bee" Explorations

Maria identifies herself as a "busy bee" because she gets things done in a quick and efficient manner - this led her to settle on the bee idea. The red stripes of the bee's body and stars on its wings represent Maria's passion for America. The lockup of the logo is horizontal and symmetrical, which signifies Maria's devotion to helping her students.