Team members: Daniel Klein, Destini Elise, Kelly Stuckey, Adelya Tumasyeva (me)

Team members: Daniel Klein, Destini Elise, Kelly Stuckey, Adelya Tumasyeva (me)


Service Design:

"Ora" Mental Health 


Ora is a service that makes the process of finding a therapist less painful.




Insights from Interviews

We interviewed 12 people: 2 therapists and 10 patients. Interviews with the patients were an hour long and went in-depth into their experiences of finding a therapist.

Experience map


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Service idea


The Ora Experience


1. Advertisement

The tranquil nature of the posters stands out from other advertisements on the street through landscape photography featuring mountains, lakes, forests, and fog. 

The tagline “Connect with your perfect therapist in 5 minutes” is a subtle call to action, prompting people to download the Ora App.

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2. The Ora App

The application’s purpose is to connect patients with therapists in just 5 minutes. There are 2 steps to this process:

I. Patient fills in their info (insurance coverage, personal preferences, location, etc.) with the help of the Ora Chatbot.

II. Patient choses between 5 therapists in their area and schedules an appointment.

3. The Ora Therapy Room

Ora partners with Breather to provide serene and well-designed rooms for multiple therapists to use. This way therapists don’t pay full monthly rate, but just hourly one.

4. Thought Cards

At the end of a session, the therapist gives the patient a Thought Card to write down an idea that stood out most. It gives the session a solid sense of conclusion and eliminates abruptness.