Service Design:

snowfox AR


Snowfox is an augmented reality computer built into skiing goggles that simplifies basic tasks and provides a more immersive skiing experience. 


the Snowfox experience


Key Moments from the Video

The video features 6 key interfaces that a skier interacts with:

  • Main Menu (home)

  • Maps

  • Signs

  • Calls

  • Games

  • Camera


main Features


1. Maps

Maps is Snowfox's most essential feature. As a more convenient alternative to paper maps, which are hard to reach, fold, and find one's location, AR map provides an easier access with a much clearer view. The map shows user's and user friends' current location. User can zoom in and out, as well as mark favorite slopes, pin places, and get directions.    

2. Calls

With Snowfox it is easy for user to dial their friends and family. User can respond an incoming call by saying "answer". During the conversation it is convenient to share one's location and pin places.

3. Games

Augmented reality promises a great future for the entertainment field. In this educational game a player collects "healthy" emoji's while trying to avoid "harmful" ones.

4. Camera

It is a great challenge to take pictures on a slope. Big professional cameras are risky to carry while skiing, and smartphone gets slippery when it snows. Snowfox's camera feature allows user to take pictures or videos with just a tap of a hand. 




The Idea

I first thought of improving skiers' experience during my vacation at a French ski resort. I realized that some basic tasks, such as unfolding one's map or making a call, were unnecessarily difficult for skiers. Bulky boots, gloves, equipment and other are technological constraints seemed to be in the way of my skiing experience. Therefore I decided to speculate about the technology would solve these inconveniences. 

snow fox sketch