*Greyed-out assets cannot be displayed due to Wooga's NDA. 

*Greyed-out assets cannot be displayed due to Wooga's NDA. 


User Interface:

mobile game


During my internship at Wooga, a mobile gaming company based in Berlin, I explored different UI styles and took a stab at improving UX for a simulation game in production. All work displayed here belongs to Wooga.  


User interface


Context Menu Buttons

Context Menu is a menu that pops up when an object is selected. The skeuomorphic look and objects that break the frame contribute to the playfulness of the design.

Pop-ups Design: Hand-Crafted Look

This stylistic exploration was inspired by aged manuscripts and hand-crafted objects. Each pop-up has it's own illustration. 

  *Greyed-out assets cannot be displayed due to Wooga's NDA.

*Greyed-out assets cannot be displayed due to Wooga's NDA.

Color & Decor Coding

Depending on the category of a pop-up, different decorative elements are applied to the manuscript's corners. These decorations, as well as other UI elements, would also be color coded based on the category they correspond to (e.g. Evolution, Breeding, Hatching, etc.).

Runes Design

Runes are a type of currency. Runes vary in magical components (fire, air, nature, etc.) and tiers (common and uncommon). I came up with 4 ideas for runes: potions, crystals, magical powder, and flowers. 

Crop Card Design

A Crop Card provides a player with information on the different crops to plant. I explored multiple layouts before my team decided to go with the "physical box" idea.

Locked Crop Card

A Locked Crop Card notifies a player that a crop isn't available unless the Farm gets upgraded. 


User experience

Usability Test

After exploring various UI styles, my team and I conducted a usability test with real gamers.  




I chose to use handwriting because it resonates with the target audience and conveys the warmth of the game. Competitor research showed that handwriting is not used by other competitors in the genre, proving that this stylistic approach is an opportunity to stand out.  

Disclaimer: The character designs and background art has been created by a team of talented artists at Wooga. My contribution is exclusively typographic.